Healthy women are an important part of today’s society. Women are not only the mothers of the world, but contribute so much to society as a whole. It can be hard some days to pull it all off without pulling out your hair. Women often get very few breaks, as their role of caregiver drives them to do for everyone but herself.

If you want to be happy and healthy you will need to learn to ask for help, or at the very least enlist people around you to help cut down the things you have to do. While every woman can have both a career and family too today, it can be hard to juggle both jobs. Deadlines and little ones do not wait for you to catch your breath. Healthy women often will run themselves into illness trying to do it all. If you would rather save your body and your mind, it is time to demand more from those around you. Make sure that you only do your job and not every one else’s while at work. Moms tend to try to make sure it all gets done and many times that means she is doing it for her co-workers. These are not your children. When you come home at night, your family should also be helpful.

Family And Work

Husbands can chip in and do some of the work, as a marriage is fifty-fifty. Older children can also be given chores and can help with younger one. There is no need to run you ragged any longer and risk a melt down.


Yoga and Pilates are two of the best forms of exercise for women to do regularly.

Stress management – meditation, deep breathing, cognitive behavioural therapy, transactional analysis (TA), are all useful and effective therapies and practises that can benefit women in a thousand ways!

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